Republic of Chicken

Republic of chicken deals with the breeding, hatching, processing, marketing and distribution of poultry products across north and east India. After processing, it supplies its premium poultry products to leading institutions and hypermarkets apart from serving through its 100+ international-standard retail outlets spread across NCR, Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, West Bengal and Himachal Pradesh.


Republic of Chicken works on the vertical integration model, which gives it complete control over quality of its products, right from the egg to the finished product. It has its own breeder farms, where through integrated poultry operation following strict rules and precautions, chicken is kept hygienic, safe from any disease and free from any contamination. Special measures are taken to prevent the spread of avian diseases.

Its primary processing plants are HACCP & ISO 9001:2008 certified, and using state-of-the-art equipment and technology, birds are bred, properly handled, humanely slaughtered, and are finally used to manufacture processed products. As it’s a food processing business, right from receiving of ingredients to processing, packaging and storage of materials, strict health and hygiene tests are maintained. To supply the product to its customers in a safe and timely manner, Republic of Chicken has a high-quality warehousing and an impressive distribution network. It stores and transports all its products in a frozen state.

As the demand for high-quality poultry products such as processed chicken and value-added chicken products is increasing in India, Republic of Chicken has decided to shoulder the responsibility through its impressive chain of stores across the country. In addition, it has decided to cater to the growing demand by utilizing the modern trade and institutional business channels.


A proven fact of business and marketing is that customer expectations and requirements regarding processed food are always high. Thus, Republic of Chicken is committed not only towards delivering only premium-quality chicken products to its customers, but also towards delivering seamless, customized and functionally excellent retail experience to every customer. To render a world-class experience to its customers, it uses state-of-theart facilities and equipment such as processing equipment from Meyn of Holland, and Integrated Refrigeration System from York; Automated Chick Weigh System from Meyn that ensures birds of consistent weight for specific customer requirements; in-house frozen storage facility; and dedicated cold supply chain in the form of its own fleet of refrigerated trucks in its primary plants.

Similarly, for its secondary plants, its quality features include HACCP & ISO 9001-2008 certified processing facilities; a wide range of worldclass processed chicken products; products that are free from added colors or flavors, preservatives or MSG; capability to customize and mass produce ready-to-cook products; technical collaboration with Norfolk Foods to bring in the latest production technology; and automated production facilities that ensure high-quality products with consistency.