About URS

URS International is a fraction of UWG- United World Group Holdings LLC, which is a business conglomerate present in UAE, Singapore and India. The group has diverse business interests mainly Research and Publishing, Media Consulting, Resourcing services, Education Management, IT Automation Services.

URS Business Research practice specializes in providing a full suite of qualitative and quantitative market research, business advisory and consulting services. Our unique approach to industry research and proprietary industry frameworks helps us provide a complete 360-degree assessment of an industry.

We have a leading International Media house with a Business & News publication named “Asia One” which has presence in electronic and print media. Our reader audience is in five countries of Asia and Middle East namely India, Dubai, Singapore, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia with a highly professional network of a full time editorial team and of some of the best authors in the region. At Asia One magazine we strive to deliver News and analysis on Business, Policy and Lifestyle covering the entire continent.

At URS we believe in the power of people and therefore, provide Resourcing Services from Campus Graduate Recruitments, Career Advisory, to Search for Middle and Senior positions, and Executive Education for Career Progression and Life Long Learning, a deeply entrenched philosophy that goes beyond the business we do, to the way we do business.


White Swan is a brain child of SOUL which is a part of Asia One, the leading international media house of URS International.


Symbol of Universal Learning (SOUL) is an entity committed to the promotion of knowledge andeducation-based initiatives. Together with its parent company Asia One, SOUL is introducing the White Swan Awards to honour the eminent educationists of India.

The awards will make their first appearance at the research award series called ‘The World’s Greatest Brands and Leaders’. Asia One, a media house owned by United World Group Holdings LLC that operates in Africa, Dubai and now India, covers business and news from prominent countries of the Middle East, South Asia, and India.