Reliance General Insurance

Customers can look up to them for many of the insurance solutions with respect to motor, health, home, travel, marine, etc. Through their products and services, they try to meet every customer’s individual needs by offering customized plans. In their endeavor to delight customers, they strive to come up with innovative products like India’s first Over-The-Counter health & home insurance policies. Reliance Group is amongst India’s top They want to score perfectly for world standard services & products, and want to be the first choice in domestic as well as global markets.


Reliance general insurance believes the world would be a better place if the same innovation that drove progress also made people feel protected. Live Smart is not just a phrase, It’s a philosophy RGI is adopting in the way it runs business and this philosophy cuts across the audiences both internal & external. Its a change in attitude and approach to create better, smarter & innovative insurance solutions for the customers. To simplify with examples across product offerings :-


Smart is when the insurance company knows the customer as well as they know themselves. Which helps in creating products individually suited for the kind of person they are. So if they are leading a healthy life, their premium will not be as much as someone who’s not.


Smart is when the insurance company acknowledges the sort of driver customers are. And rewards them for it. So if they are safe drivers, their premium will not be as much as someone who’s not a safe driver.


Smart is when the insurance company knows when the customer is travelling and where their travels take you. So the next time they travel, they can expect a suite of smart recommendations and tips based on the weather, duration and interests they have exhibited.

The new philosophy also transcends to the engagement with their employees & channel partners The renewed focus is on creating an environment where efforts to do things efficiently are appreciated They are working to provide solutions to their employees & channel partners which will comfort their professional fears and provide an edge for delivering customer service.


Author and motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, once said, “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” Such a simple but impactful thought! Why not think of our body as the space we live in, rather than our home. At least that way, we will be motivated to keep it in top shape! In keeping with this philosophy, people, at Reliance General Insurance, brings wellness programs with holistic solutions for the healthcare needs. These programs can be used by individuals and corporates, who care deeply for their employees’ health.


Travelling with a Senior Citizen? Holidaying with older family members can be tricky if they have certain medical conditions. However, this shouldn’t stop you from spending quality time with them. With the Reliance Travel Care Policy – For Senior Citizens, they aim to make the travel a lot easier! Get Senior Citizen Travel Insurance policy to avail the following benefits.
No medical check-up till the age of 80 years with a special senior citizen travel policy for the elderly
No paperwork and an affordable premium make holiday planning less stressful
Grab an international SIM card free of cost with every travel insurance quote
Coverage of pre-existing ailments, especially in case of life-threatening ailments.