For the first time in India, a health supplement was launched, which masses could afford to buy. Nutricharge was the result of more than five years of research, where the best ingredients from around the world were used.

To make it a pleasurable experience for the consumer, innovative ways were used to mask the smell of proteins, vitamins, minerals and fibers.

The company believed that focused nutrition science was key to delivering positive results and hence, developed products to address to specific segments. Looking at positive response from the consumers, new innovative products were launched including Nutricharge Man and ProDiet as a complete health supplement for Men; Nutricharge Woman and Strawberry ProDiet for Women; and Nutricharge Kids for children.

To take care of lifestyle needs, Trophic Wellness also launched Nutricharge BJ (for Bone & joint health), Nutricharge S&F (for fat loss) and Nutricharge Gainer (to gain weight).

Nutricharge range has been endorsed by Amitabh Bachchan, who has been spearheading the communication for Nutricharge as a brand ambassador. 30 professional trainers have educated more than 2,00,000 people on nutrition in more than 800 towns during 2014. The Times Group was used to create the awareness and brand image. Nutricharge sponsored Femina Miss India 2015 as Wellness partner to create the buzz around the brand.

Nutricharge S&F received ‘clinically proved’ tag during the year. Nutritionists, dieticians, chemists, gym instructors, beauty parlours, nurses, slimming centers and doctors also endorsed the brand and created a bigger momentum for sales.

Leading nutritionists and consumers have given video testimonials. Most of the consumers reported measureable improvement within a short period of time, which can be viewed on the company’s website and Youtube channel.

The company was surprised by the tremendous response shown by consumers. Nutricharge’s innovative products resonated with the average Indian, and the brand started growing by leaps and bounds. Within a span of three years, the brand has grown to $15.0 million, and continues to grow at the rate of 100 percent on a quarterly basis as 0.27 million people consume Nutrichage on a daily basis.

As per the research done by the company, consumers perceive ‘Nutricharge’ brand as an honest Indian brand, which is effective in delivering promised results and in improving people’s wellbeing. They also believe that Nutricharge is a value for money propositions with better nutrients vis-à-vis other international brands.

This social initiative, which can make a huge difference to people’s lives will go hand-in-hand with creating a successful brand.

Due to continuous research & development, the company is able to develop world-class and new products at affordable prices. Nutricharge wants to spread awareness about nutrition and health to the masses of our nation including the semi urban and rural settings.

Trophic Wellness Pvt. Ltd. has always tried to provide a satisfactory quality, which is of global standard; they also provide health and fitness assistance through their portal. Their insights help people maintain their health. Healthcare awareness has risen globally, therefore Indians too lookout for various nutritional supplements which can save them from deficiencies and the stress quotient of current lifestyle.