J.K. Wall Putty

J .K. Wall Putty is a whitecement-based fine powder that provides an ideal base for beautiful walls, giving the smoothest surface for luxurious and silky interiors. It is damp-resistant and provides a smooth finish for further application of all kinds of paints.

There is concerted hard work behind the brand building exercise. J.K. Wall Putty has carved a niche for itself through various multifaceted and innovative branding and communication initiatives including 360 degree media campaigns, consumer contact programmes, online promotion, public relations, etc.

In 2010, the think tank at J.K. Cement came to the conclusion that apart from anti-flaking, the other benefits of J.K. Wall Putty like minimum paint usage and smoothest and most beautiful surfaces were also required to be communicated to the consumers and the target audience, the painters. After rounds of extensive research, an important consumer insight was unearthed that the painter was the most important influencer in the buying decision. Thus began the journey of the brand ambassador, Chhutkau Painter – the winner of the National Wall Painting Championship. Not only did he gain wide recognition, he also effectively connected with the target audience, the painter community. To project the average painter as a Hero and Champion, an innovative campaign was created; showing a National Wall Painting Competition where the Brand Ambassador (the user of J.K. Wall Putty) emerges a winner in the contest by defeating other contestants using POP, chalk mitti, etc.

Ever since, Chhutkauji has only grown in fame and stature, first opening his own Wall Painting Academy and now being invited to judge the World Wall Painting Championship. The brand has scaled new heights along the journey and the success story continues!

The positioning strategy of J.K. Wall Putty has given a clear and differentiated edge to the brand over competition, which has received a positive response from the dealers, painter community and end consumers alike.


With over four decades of experience in cement manufacturing, J.K. Cement Ltd, has an installed Grey Cement capacity of 10.5 MTPA, making it one of the leading manufacturers in the Country.

The Company is the second largest manufacturer of White Cement in India, with an annual capacity of 6,10,000 tonnes in India. J.K. Cement is also the second largest producer of Wall Putty in the Country with an annual installed capacity of 5,00,000 tonnes. J.K. Cement’s pioneering foray into White Cement over 30 years ago created a new chapter in the history of the Organisation. The Company was the first to set up a limestone based White Cement facility in India to manufacture Cement through the dry process.


J.K. Wall Putty provides an ideal base for concrete/cement-plastered walls and ceilings. Its water repelling properties prevents flaking of your expensive paints.

J.K. Wall Putty is superior to ordinary putty, as it integrates with the plaster due to its White Cement constitution.