The education system is changing. Established teaching methodologies are reaching their limits in most developed and developing countries. New requirements are needed. In the search for solutions, technology is playing an increasingly prominent role — allowing for new approaches such as the “inverted classroom,” “Massive Open Online Courses” (MOOCS) and “mobile learning”. We keep hearing of an “education revolution” one in which technology will bring upon a radical transformation in schools and universities. Globarena Technologies has already started moving on those lines. In the engineering education space they have successfully developed robust e-Learning solutions to enable effective teaching and learning, and for all round development of students. To ensure the best utility of its solutions they have conducted Faculty Orientation Programmes (FOP) to spread awareness and facilitate them to use the e-Learning solution efficiently while they deliver classroom sessions. Along with this, the company distributed product collaterals and also circulated the faculty user manuals as a ready reckoner for their solutions while they teach. To ensure tangible outcome, each college was facilitated with a faculty coordinator; FOP was conducted at strategic location over a period of 1 month to cover about 500 colleges. They also conducted student orientation programmes by appointing customer services executives who personally interacted with students and ensured that they are made aware of Globarena’s solution and how they could benefit by using the same. Thus, students were motivated and trained to effectively use various products in their learning activities. Sessions were also delivered through video conferencing by getting the industry experts and scholars to engage students and expose them to beyond classroom teaching possibilities. The brand is well received and all concerned stakeholders have found it beneficial. Globarena has truly empowered the faculty’s to standardize classroom teaching. Students are now able to use the content at their disposal to consolidate on the concept taught in the classroom and the animations present in it help them better to understand the implementation of the concept. The modules of ‘Generic Skills Content’ has helped the students to confidently approach placements and the colleges are also in a better position to use the students’ learning-assessment data to better plan their training needs.

The brand was well-received and successful; and the increase in the user base i.e., of faculty, students and colleges indicates a clear acceptance of the brand and products.

Ever since the company was incepted many products and services have been launched to provide futuristic learning, assessment and examination solutions. They have introduced various technology products to shorten the gap and to cater to the changing industry pattern pertaining to skills expectations from graduating engineers be it language, communication skills, soft skills, aptitude skills or engineering skills.