Concept Capital

The Real Estate industry underwent significant changes in recent years and new challenges are daily in place to confront Real estate builder with decisions, where it is hard to guarantee the results.
With over 20 years of envisioning building and developing master planned mixed-use and sustainable communities, Concept Capital`s rich history and illustrious reputation remains unparalleled in the country. It leads the real estate industry in raising the standard of commitment to innovation and value appreciation. It stands for pioneering vision and quality.

Concept Capital Group believes in not just developing projects, but developing concepts for present and future at the same time delivering projects that address the demands and needs of the public and private sectors. Their commitment is on creating long term partnership via world class standards of service and consistently improving value for their client and stakeholders.

As a part of a leading group in Indian Real estate sector, Concept Capital aims at building ‘value’ for its customers on a foundation of trust. The company is set to achieve a milestone in the new age realty by constantly developing unique ventures as a monument to the customer`s achievement, dreams and values.

According to Concept Capital`s MD Mr. Suninder Sandha- “Timely delivery of our projects without compromising on quality has been our biggest strength and has resulted in a long lasting relationship with our customers.”

As a group, they also excel in property management, turn-key projects such as hotels, malls & housing societies. They stand on the bedrock of tomorrow, of innovation and all the values that embody the spirit of exploration. Their projects strive to go beyond expectations and create unique life experience for their clients.

Concept Group is a company with over 200 employees across the country, and has already delivered over 4 million sqft of real estate and leased over 1 million sqft of commercial space to some of the biggest brands in India enhancing convenience and accessibility for the needs of residents, shoppers, office workers, tourists, and the general public.

Concept Capital Group has created landmarks like Gautam Buddha University(Asia`s Largest University spread over 850 acres), Greater Noida; Dr. Ambedkar SC/ST Hostel, Greater Noida; SavitriBaiPhoole Girls Inter College, Greater Noida and Cricket Pavillion Sports Complex, Greater Noida. They also have hotels like Sarovar Portico in Badrinath which is a landmark, Sarovar Portico in Rishikesh and DoosriMehfil in Sector 18, Noida.

The Company envisions:

Developing and delivering innovative projects successfully for customers and maximizing their investment.
Building the future by brightening local diversity and promoting nature through sustainable architecture.
Bringing to partnership a winning network of people working under the same values in a dreaming work place
Maximizing return to their shareholders.

While having achieved so much in a short time, they aspire to continue building top-class products and services, while moving with scale and constant changes in the market, and maintaining strict financial discipline throughout the company, recognizing that the satisfaction of their customers, patrons, shareholders, and other stakeholders, remains the ultimate measure of its success.