Cancer Healer Centre

Started by Late Dr. Hari Krishna, the center now functions under the stable guidance of Dr. Tarang Krishna and continues to be a wonderful ray of hope, faith and cure for thousands of people. Headquartered in New Delhi, India, the center has branches in Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Jaipur and Mumbai, which allows easy access and commutation for people in every corner of the country.

Compassionate and empathetic, the center provides a high quality of treatment, complete patient satisfaction and safety as well as exceptional services that take care of the patients’ physical, mental and emotional needs. It helps him/ her build a positive attitude towards life while curing cancer through the revolutionary Cancer Healer medicine based on Immunotherapy. The avant-garde medicine has cured cancer even in the last stages and is equally effective in every phase. Having treated thousands of patients successfully, the center is a benchmark when it comes to providing exceptional amenities and battling cancer without harming their body.


A global health problem, cancer affects millions of lives worldwide. Nearly 13% deaths (roughly estimated to be about 7 million) are attributed to cancer, which makes the death count more than HIV, AIDS, TB and Malaria combined. Cancer Healer Center aims to eliminate cancer by providing world class care to its patients and constantly evolves medicine to eliminate the ailment. Through ground-breaking research and study in the field of cancer cure, the center is dedicated towards making good health and disease prevention a reality for millions of people. The pioneering Cancer Healer medicine has been created after fundamental scientific investigation, thorough research and clinical trials and the center aims to make it available to each person in every part of the country. Providing exemplary physical and emotional care to each patient and his/her family has always been our forte and our objective is to justly utilize our resources to collectively give the society a healthy, disease free life.

Cancer Healer Center, envisioned by Dr. Hari Krishna, who with his glorious vision and great skills started this center with the aim of giving the right treatment to cancer patients without any side effects. His son, Dr. Tarang Krishna, Director, Cancer Healer Center further aims at treating the patients by giving them a better quality of life and providing relief even in the advanced stages of Cancer. Patients treated through other modes have turned to Cancer Healer Center and have found great respite with us.


Cancer Healer Therapy is an immune based therapy that works on the principle of Immunotherapy, a therapy that enhances the body’s immune system cells, i.e. B lymphocytes (B cells), T lymphocytes (Tcells) and natural killer (NK) cells to fight cancer.

The immune system has extraordinary powers and is known for its abilityto remember its specificity and the universal role that it plays in biology. Hence, this treatment has the potential to achieve complete and long lasting results that helps to treat and eradicate cancer completely, instead of just suppressing the symptoms or randomly killing cells like in chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

The therapy works by first identifying the cancer cells and systematically avoiding the healthy cells that the body produces and targeting only the specific cells that spread and cause cancer.