ANGT Nonions

A NGT Nonions is the leading choice in the food and beverage sector across 15 countries. The brand is running with a goal to transform the cooking preparations into a hassle free and well-timed activity and they have been taking steady steps to convey an all round advantage in the kitchen area.

The expansion aim has seen us setting up their marketing headquarters in the booming Emirates in the year 2005 with the launch of their flagship brand & product- Nonions “Ready to use Onion Base”. The signature onion paste has made them the pioneer of simplified cooking and their convenient products are hugely popularized for providing “all the taste minus the hassle”. The advantages of the usability of “Nonions” grew soon to serve not only the who’s who of UAE but has stretched out across various industries and markets in the Gulf; such as flight catering, signature restaurants, and 5 star hotels.


The benefits of Nonions are being declared as the ideal kitchen solutions and have been corroborated by regional and international chefs; making them exceed the growth rate at an explosive 40-60 percent annually. They understand that any new entrant needs to follow through with an explanation of the process and usability, which plays a vital role in the success curve as they believe in complete transparency and focus on educating and explaining the benefits of “Nonions”, uses and procedures of their products through demos to the commercial and domestic chefs, which ensures that they use the products optimally and produce customized dishes that suit individual needs and palates

ANGT look forward to simplifying kitchen preparations and processes. All Needs General Trading LLC is the global business development arm of the manufacturing units in India under the name of R. R. Retort Foods. They are on a constant endeavour to innovate products and techniques that untangle the cooking process on a dayto-day basis. The brand is well-known for their innovation for food services. They are the proud recepient of the DUBAI : GUFOOD AWARDS 2010 & ABU DHABI : SIAL MIDDLE EAST AWARDS 2011.


Taking something revolutionary and using it to create another cooking revelation is what they pride with. Their products provide authentic taste and quality of the raw produce without utilizing any preservatives; Introduced by the U.S. Military and NASA in 1978- The RETORT is their foolproof method of unravelling. They believe that quality precedes all else and strive to deliver high quality premium products.

Their products can be preserved at room temperature from 18 months to 24 months when unopened and 1—30 days once opened, depending on the product the simplicities of cooking. The high temperature and pressure used in this method renders their products fresh and ready to use for longer periods of time without any preservatives, artificial flavours or colours; while keeping the nutrition of the food retained without any loss in flavour, aroma, and texture.


The flagship product since 1999- Nonions is a ready to use onion paste that comes in six different types. Each made to match the varied requirements among diverse cuisines and palates. Nonions is all natural, preservative free and void of any artificial colours or flavours made from authentic Indian red onions. Get the taste of real onions minus the hassle of peeling, chopping, crying, cleaning, frying or freezing. Nonions is known for consistency, quality and reduction in cost to an extend of 35% over the conventional processes.