Gopaljee Ananda

With only one vision of building a healthy and happy nation, the visionary R S Disxit is toiling continuously with his dedicated team to achieve various landmarks whether it was opening up first retail shop in 1991; getting in 1994 M & MPO registration for the first milk plant; setting up two more milk plants by 1999 or achieving its first 100 crores sales in its various growth phases.

Today the group has achieved phenomenal success by having three world class dairy plants with fully automated modern equipments , milk handling capacity of more that 20lkh lts / day, having 250 plus COCO and franchise driven organized dairy retail presence , procuring milk from 1500 plus farmers in 1700 villages thus eliminating milkmen and giving fair price to them, touching 10 lkhs consumers base in Delhi / NCR, UP, Haryana & Uttrakhand, and at the same time never compromising on quality and consistency. The company’s mission is to reach 3230 crores turnover, reach 8 lkhs lts sales /day, to bring 2.5 lkh farmers in its fold and open 1500 stores by 2020.

To ensure quality, Gopaljee Ananda after drawing milk from its VLC (Village Level Centre) and MCC (Milk Chilling Centre) puts each milk sample to stringent quality controls for ensuring right FAT and SNF percentages in accordance to 32 recommended BIS and Agmark standards. Preservatives, Neutralizers, adulterants, bacteriological tests like Standard Plate Count and Coliform Bacteria are conducted. All the plant activities, right from processing to manufacturing are guided by ISO 22000:2005 and Food and Safety Manual (HACCP).

Everyday lacs of consumers repose their trust in Gopaljee , thanks to strict quality control measures. The group’s emphasizes “Clean Milk Production “ at village level for safe and pure dairy products to delight the customers . Their faith speaks volumes about Gopaljee Ananda Quality Image and its reputation for maintaining excellent quality result standards over the years.


The main vision of the company and promoter R S Dixit is to build a healthy and happy nation by providing the people international quality natural and nutritious dairy & food products at affordable price through innovative procedures and enabling human culture.
To achieve this vision the company is geared to do the following;
1. Have world class machine and ultra-modern technology to process and manufacture international quality products and ensure that at no stage the product is touched by hand, secondly, systems are at place to retain the natural & nutritious values of the product.
2. Have quality check at all stage of milk collection, processing, manufacturing, packing and distribution.
3. Having regular training programs, competency building sessions, rewards/recognition of employees as well as stake holders for enabling human culture.
4. Working with milk producers in the area of cattle feed improvement, Artificial Insemination services, Mobile dispensaries, insurance, fodder seeds, Vet health camps and women empowerment.
However, apart from the quality strategies the company also has a 360 degree marketing approach to make its product reach to the end consumers. Company works on both marketing i.e. push and pull strategy.