Tiger Logistics

Tiger Logistics is a pioneer in providing logistics solutions and design format to offer an integrated supply chain to various Indian corporates, MNCs, GoI PSUs and the Indian Defence Forces. It has grown leaps and bounds and scaled new milestones with the combined forces of innovation and adaptation of new technologies.


Companies in the early 21st century may be on the brink of a leadership crisis. With Baby Boomers about to retire in droves and other potential leaders downsized or demotivated, an idea of ‘one-stop-shop provider’ caused the inception of a ‘Tiger’ in the Indian Logistics Industry, and since its entry it’s reputed for providing exceptional customer service and a market-friendly environment. Tiger Logistics, thus, offers its perspectives on the important logistics challenges and opportunities impacting futuristic business. Via restructuring logistics services, consolidating services and functions, sharing logistics facilities and centralizing management, Tiger Logistics is going on a right path by following the the key stands:

Market focus and position: Due to a mixture of industry growth and strategic acquisitions, Tiger Logistics not only has a strong presence in emerging markets such as Brazil, India, Africa and Mexico, but also exerts control over the most profitable trade lanes: Europe to Asia and North America to both South America and Asia. Tiger Logistics has future plans of opening offices at China by 2016.

Distinctive capabilities: While the industry faces multiple risks, particularly in the light of continued global economic instability, Tiger Logistics has continuously maintained 20–25% growth rate in the present market scenario.

Performance anatomy: Overall operational excellence and relentless focus on productivity improvement has helped it to emerge as a leader in the growing market. The flexibility to respond swiftly and innovatively to customers has placed Tiger Logistics on a higher pedestal. It also has a strong sense of Information and Technology to maintain a 360-degree control on Logistics and Supply Chain endeavor.


Tiger Logistics is planning to migrate to the main board of BSE and NSE. It also has major expansion plans to have a Pan-India presence, and wants to majorly into domestic logistics with warehousing distribution and transportation. The company has plans to open its own offices in Singapore, US, Mexico, and Panama. It is also focusing to maximize the market capture. The company further plans to enter the Domestic Logistics market and compete with Logistics Giants like Gati and TCI. Its aim is to have a 100% reach anywhere and everywhere.


In today’s economy, information is power and to keep ahead of its competitors, Tiger Logistics has the best Technologies like customer redressal system, mobile applications, GPS tracking and cloud computing to improve communications, logistics, and inventory tracking. It also plans to start Vocational Training Institutes in tier-2 cities and create skilled manpower for this industry.


Tiger Logistics wants everyone to get involved with something bigger than the self. At Tiger, the management is committed to improving the quality of life of the communities they serve. The company has played a key role in the aftermath of major catastrophes, including the Nepal Earthquake by providing food, clothing and the cleanup drive in the worst hit areas.