One of the largest preschool chains across Delhi and NCR, Mother’s Pride was established in 1996, and redefined preschool education in India. At the helm is Sudha Gupta, an educationist, entrepreneur, parenting expert and philanthropist.

Mrs. Sudha Gupta is an educationist par excellence whose extraordinary vision encompasses children, parents and society at large. She is the Chairperson of Mother’s Pride Preschool and Presidium Senior Secondary School.

Mother’s Pride, the preschool she founded in 1996, redefined early education in the country with its scientific approach, specialised staff, R&D, and emphasize on child psychology. Today its India’s most loved preschool with close to 100 branches where more than 170000 children have had a magical childhood.

Mrs. Sudha Gupta established Presidium Senior Secondary School in 2006 with the mission to create the Leaders of tomorrow. Today Presidium is the fastest growing school, and the world’s most awarded school.

She also founded the knowledge tree to address the dearth of talent in the industry, and to train those who are interested in a career in education.


Mrs. Sudha Gupta is a sought-after expert on Parenting, a subject very close to her heart. She is known for Positive Parenting, an acclaimed seminar she has been conducting with great success. Her articles on parenting have appeared in leading news papers of India, and her programmes on Radio and Television channels.

She is also actively involved in running Sparsh Special School that helps under Privileged children with special-needs lead a life of respect and dignity.

Over the years, Mrs. Sudha Gupta has won several prestigious awards and accolades in India and abroad. The prominent among them include the Golden Peacock award for excellence in corporate governance; the Outstanding Women Entrepreneur Award by FICCI; the emerging India Award conferred to distinguished business for corporate and Leadership Excellence; the number one Teacher’s Training provider in India Award for Presidium, conferred by grand jury at World Education Summit; and many more.


In the Indian entrepreneurial world, there was no playbook for bringing women into the work force until Mrs. Sudha Gupta started writing one.

"I firmly stand for the transformation of the society. I want my students to become good human beings who will also contribute to the society, says Mrs. Gupta, hailing from a family of educationists, Gupta was a trendsetter with an entrepreneurial streak. She says, “My father was in the NCERT, we lived on the campus and education has always been in my blood".